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Some of our offerings...

We carry a wide range of biscuits, desserts and flavored icy treats for your favorite fidos. All of the ingredients are human-grade and listed below each dog treat. We can answer any questions you have about our products, so don't hesitate to contact us at KansasSweetieBarkery@gmail.com.

Banana Blueberry Biscotti
Made with coconut & buckwheat flour, these gluten- and grain-free biscottis are full of fruit and topped with icing.
Price: $2.50
Cheesy Pup'zza
Who doesn't love pizza? Now your pups, even those with allergies, can enjoy this late night-inspired snack anytime.
Price: $2.00
Hearts for My Sister's House
These heart-shaped sunflower seed and minty fresh cookies are decorated like the logo for My Sister's House, with $1 of the proceeds going to support this organization's fight against domestic violence and domestic violence.
Price: $2.50
Large BBQ Bones
These large bone-shaped cookies are aromatic with the scent of true Kansas-City Style BBQ sauce both inside the batter and on the top of the bone.
Price: $1.50
Extra Thick BBQ Bone
This BBQ Bone is perfect for bigger pooches who would devour our smaller ones in a flash.
Price: $2.50
Medium BBQ Bones
True Kansas-City Style BBQ sauce is inside the batter and on the top of the bone, making dogs go wild. The medium size is great for dogs between 20 and 50 pounds.
Price: $1.00
Small BBQ Bones
The small size of the BBQ Bones are just as tasty as their larger ones, but perfect for a small snack for larger dogs or the perfect size for toy and small breed pups.
Price: $0.33
Red Meat Ruby Slippers
These cute little heels are modeled after Dorothy's from the Wizard of Oz, but are dog-friendly with a beef flavor and dyed sesame seeds are used in place of sugary sprinkles like some companies use.
Price: $2.00
Sweet Pawtato cookies
These treats are the same recipe as our training treats, made with brown rice flour and oat flour in addition to lots of sweet potato yumminess.
Price: $2.00
Sweet Pawtato Training Treats
These popular wheat-free treats are cut freestyle in varying shapes and sizes, but perfect for training your pup.
Price: $5.00
On a Roll cinnamon bites
Honey, walnuts and cinnamon make the delicious filling of these hand-rolled cinnamon bun bites. These are great for pups with arthritis or diabetes because cinnamon improves circulation and acts as an anti-inflammatory in addition to regulating blood sugar and lowering cholesterol levels.
Price: $1.00
PB Pupcakes
The batter for these pupcakes includes plenty of peanut butter and the finished product is coated in carob, so your pups will love their own version of peanut butter cups for humans.
Price: $1.50
Sampler Bag
This bag has a sampling of all our treats. It is a great way to try all our treats at a discounted price.
Price: $10.50
KSB Frisbee
Our purple KSB frisbees are a hit to play fetch with or to chew... don't worry, they don't come pre-chewed. Cessna just really liked his.
Price: $1.50

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